Why Genia's Running

Rock County is experiencing a surge in economic development and regeneration. The County offers economical high quality of life and has been recognized for its livability and family-friendliness. As Rock County continues to make these great strides economically, it's important that all community members benefit fairly and equitably from the resources the County offers. It's also important that County government address the challenges we continue to see in our community by using ARPA dollars and County funds in creative and economically feasible ways. I'm running for reelection as a Rock County Board Supervisor because I want to be able to contribute to conversations, processes, and policymaking that ensures the needs of my constituents in District 13, as well as all Rock County community members, are met.

The Greater Beloit Economic Development Cooperation and the City of Beloit have done a great job working diligently for significant economic development in Beloit, resulting in huge growth in the Gateway Business Park and a beautifully revitalized downtown.

I'm running for election as a Beloit City Council member because I'd like to see this important work continue, in addition to the next step start to focus on a significant investment in small businesses in Beloit that aren't located downtown. I want to see Beloit, in its totality, thrive in the same manner as downtown Beloit and the Gateway Business Park.

How Genia feels about the issues:

- I believe local nonpartisan government can solve problems faster and more efficiently if we focus on how we can best serve the community - and less on party lines

- Community leaders, grassroots organizations, local government, business leaders, parents, the schools, and the police have to work, collaboratively to find real solutions to address gun violence in our community

- We have to help our community’s youth become more invested in Beloit and the safety of the community they live in

- I'm interested in exploring creative and effective ways for the City, County, local business leaders, and the Beloit School District to work together to improve our schools and create generations of scholars who are workforce ready and good community stewards

- I'm passionate about improving mental health services and addressing the opioid and drug addiction issues that plague our community

- Everyone in our community must be involved in solving our County's serious homelessness crisis; however, our community leaders and elected officials must lead the charge

- I believe all locally owned small businesses, including those that are traditionally underserved, deserve support from local government

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